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Learn, and Improve, from Your Mistakes

By Judy Camp

Unfortunately, we all make mistakes. It's a fact of life. We've made them every week, every month, every year. We are happiest when the mistakes are small, and cause few problems.

But there will always be a few times when your mistake causes tremendous repercussions. Here is how you can regroup and recover:

First, have a good attitude. Realize that you will survive, this too shall pass, and you will undoubtedly learn a good lesson from it.

Second, take a good look at your mistake. Don't ignore it, even if you wish everyone else would. Try to determine the cause. Did you jump to a false conclusion, rely on someone who let you down, miscommunicate, or simply forget?

Third, put procedures in place to prevent the mistake from occurring again. If forgetfulness was the cause, leave yourself notes or set up a file to refer to. If necessary, do further research to gain any lacking information, or begin communicating better with others. Change vendors, if that is the problem, or put more explicit information on your next order form.

Whatever the cause, make the determination that you will not ignore the mistake, which will only make things worse, and almost guarantee the mistake will be repeated. All good people make mistakes. Excellent people learn from them.

Judy Camp
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All rights reserved.

About the author:
Judy Camp has been a writer and marketing manager for twenty years, and has focused on web marketing for the past five years. Her web site http://www.ourbusinessoffice.com provides resources for web businesses.

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